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How to talk to your child about disasters & bad world events

Just like you, your child may get fearful about world events, news reports show vivid footage and speak in great detail of incidents.
Social media allows more information to reach us faster than ever before.

The key to calming your Childs fears is to help them to feel safe by having a honest conversation with them. Remember only supply enough information necessary at the time. Your child may very likely ask more questions once they have absorbed what you have said.

Firstly, gently find out what your childs fears are. Ask questions like what do you think about the event(s).

Talk with your child the differences between man-made & natural disasters; reassure that bad events are rare.

If it is a natural disaster, sit down with them, look at a world map, explain how the disaster may have happened.

Let them ask questions and explain how people all around the world will respond with kindness. Talk about how your child may like to help.
ie. be paid to do some household chores and donate the money
Work with teachers to organise a schools fundraiser
Help you at a boot sale
I’m sure your child can come up with lots of different ways to help, do your best to assist and if their idea is too wild to be workable (like taking a unicorn to show at school!) ask them to suggest something a little more doable.

We cannot shelter our youngsters from world events but we can help them to talk about and make some kind of sense of them.

Finally, remember to be calm and understanding, listen to what your child is saying and never assume you know how they feel.

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