Understanding someone with PTSD

By September 25, 2019Post traumatic stress

Someone suffering from PTSD may find it very difficult to explain just how they feel. They may likely feel confused, isolated, scared and out of control. Your support is vital; they need time, space, security and mostly your patience.

Trauma is life changing

After a serious traumatic event – life doesn’t just go back to the way it was, it leaves an indelible mark.

Thinking becomes clouded

A traumatised person is running high on anxiety driven chemicals coursing through their systems. Logical thinking is reduced and emotional thought processes like anger, sadness, guilt and fear can take control.

The world looks different

You cannot turn back the clock, the event will not be ‘forgotten’, it changes the way a person sees the world. It can become a threatening, frightening place as the person is in constant heightened ‘survival mode’.

Memories do not fade with time **

The memory of the event stays uppermost, the feelings first experienced when the event occurred are always present, being triggered by the slightest sound, smell, picture, place or word.

The future is unknown

Getting through one day at a time is the challenge, looking forward or trying to plan for the future, is just too hard

The new normal

Fortunately there is a better understanding about how the brain processes information. Various treatments are available to help the person cope with the past event and enable them to move forward the ‘new normal’ life.

** With careful considered help the emotions attached to the memories can be changed. In other words the memory remains but the way you ‘feel’ about the event changes.

We are all unique; there is no ‘one size fits all’ therefore after a discussion with you I tailor my sessions to your individual needs.

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